About Us

” Savvy corporate strategists are looking beyond their organization’s current tech capabilities and competitive landscape to consider a broader range of future possibilities about how technology can expand where they play and how they win. But the complex range of uncertainties and possibilities can be too much for the human brain to process on its own. That’s why strategists are turning to strategic technology platforms equipped with advanced analytics, automation, and AI.” Deloitte Tech Trends Conference 2020

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading organization in collective learning, detection, automation, data optimization, and serve with our latest technology to innovation concerned companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to convert old systems and methods to promote sustainability; serve the most reliable, economic, innovative cloud, and surveillance systems to our customers.


We’re currently a team of 3. We’re a result-oriented, highly adaptive, and fast-paced team. Our machine learning engineer is continuously updating our software with the latest technological algorithmic discoveries. Thanks to hard work and visionary research our current algorithm is designed with 2019-2020 modelings, giving us a huge competitive advantage over others who based their models on older versions.


Oguz Vuruskaner

Machine Learning Engineer

Baris Beyduz

Operations Manager

Irmak Sancar

Communications Manager

  • Pilot testing in “Seven-11” Stores.
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