Frequently Asked Questions

How does Plate Recognition Kit work?

Plate Recognition Kit has multiple AI layers in it. Some of them exists to validate the license plate others read the plate with the latest Optical Character Recognition technologies. Ward can detect license plates from 24 feet away by 640+ pixel compatible cameras. By plugging in Ward to ethernet and by downloading EyeCU interface users can easily start to use Plate Recognition Kit.

How can I purchase and set-up a Ward AI kit?

You can purchase Ward either from this website or by contacting our installer partners. First users choose which Ward AI kit to buy and download the EyeCU interface for free. After giving the order, users receive Ward AI kit within 2 weeks. When the Ward AI kit arrives users can plug it in with Ethernet and configure it easily from their computer. After configuration Ward AI kit is launched and ready for service.

How does the Ward Fire Alarm AI kit work?

After configuration Ward connects to your surveillance system and starts to monitor it for fire and smoke 24/7.  4 Alarm outputs can be triggered when there’s a sign of  fire or smoke by Ward. Phone call & message, voice alarm on device, Computer interface alarm and panel activation is available.

Can users do the Set-up themselves?

Yes, our mission is to make AI accessible to everyone u with-out the big budgets for long projects or complex installation steps. With a simple internet and computer knowledge anyone can set-up Ward on their surveillance systems.

What`s our Mission?

AI is the future of humanity even we like it or not… We wan’t everyone to have a fair share while adopting its benefits. We want AI to leave big tech’s chains and be a useful part of everyday life for everyone. In doing so we will spread solutions like Shoplifting detection or Fire detection.