Ward equips existing cameras with intelligent systems. It detects fire indicators and notifies the customers in real time.

Compatible Installation

Farm Fire Early Warning system scans both indoors and outdoors 24/7

Save your Farm!

With Early Warning, act and save your precious valuables from burning.

Critical Sitations

With a range of 3000 acres, we scan every inch in your farm and alert you the moment when a fire or smoke is detected.

In a walnut farm of about 56 acres and with 11000 walnut trees in the area, EyeCUVision scanned the field 24/7 for the whole hot summer season.

In 2020 the walnut farm almost suffered a large fire incident. In a hot summer day, while driving tractor one of the farmers saw some smoke rising from the rear window and immediately drive there to intervene to the fire.

When the landowner learns about the incident, he found us to install our Farm Fire Early Warning System.

EyeCUVision team have configured Ward Farm Fire Early Warning System with multichannel alarm outputs for SMS, Email and phone call notification.

"Unfortunately Farm Fires is a very serious but unaddressed issue. Thanks to EyeCUVision team we don't have fire hazard concerns anymore. We know that if a fire starts Farm Fire Early Warning System will notify us, and we will extinguish it before it causes any serious harm."

Mr. Vefik- Farmer(Owner)

“If I didn't see the smoke by chance, we would've lost most of our trees. In a windy and a hot day, it would be very hard to extinguish a large farm fire. Thanks to EyeCU Vision we know that we will be alarmed next time a similar incident occurs.

Edward Tyler McGowan- Farmer (Worker)