Fire Detection and Notification

  • Ward Fire Detection identifies fire from the camera feed indoors or outdoors and notifies users instantly
  • Using recent Object Recognition technologies EyeCU is committed to lower fire hazard damages caused by late action 
  • Let your cameras actually work for you during critical times. Open Area, Wild Area Fire Detection is all possible with Ward.

Fight Fire with

Automated License Plate Recognition

  • EyeCU License Plate Recognition uses OCR technology to identify license plates in real-time. 
  • Let’s you see the brand, color and license plate of the cars from your security cameras
  •  EyeCU License Plate Recognition provides you the real-time data of entrance times, exit times, and stay durations of desired vehicles from existing cameras. 

Shoplifting Detection and Notification

  • On-going project for detecting Loitering and Shoplifting from existing cameras.
  • Identify thieves instantly by adding an extra layer of security on your existing cameras when it’s happening

Device Manager

One program, multiple services